Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Louisiana

By: Charles M. Allen, PhD, Dawn Allen Newman, M.S., and Harry H. Winters, M.D.

An in depth look at the woody plants that can be found growing across Louisiana as well as much of the Gulf South and beyond. This reference provides detailed information for identification, growing regions, and much more. Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Louisiana is a book that should be on anyone’s shelf who appreciates native plants as well as botanists and taxonomists!

Copyright Year: 2002

ISBN-10: 0971862508

# of Pages, including Index: 333

Book Edition: First

States likely useful as a guidebook in: LA, TX, MS, AL, GA, FL, KS, OK, SC, NC, VA, WV, KT, TN, OH, IL, IN

In: Glossy Paperback

Subjects covered: Nature, Botany, Woody Plants of the Southeast, Louisiana Plants, Trees of Louisiana, Shrubs of Lousiana, Vines of Louisiana

Published by: Allen’s Native Ventures, LLC