When considering a trip along the West Coast of the United States, you must be clear that the Grand Canyon must be an essential visit because it is considered one of the great wonders of the world. I assure you that the landscapes that you will be able to see will remain forever in your memory, and the photos are not able to show the dimensions of that great natural landscape of the west coast. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, everything I can tell you about its beauty is incomparable with the feeling it produces when you have the opportunity to visit it.

Grand Canyon of Colorado

Although I tell you that the Grand Canyon is 446 kilometers long, and especially that its depth reaches up to 1,600 meters, it is impossible to convey the real dimensions of this impressive natural enclave of Arizona.You will only be aware of this when you look at the first of the viewpoints you arrive at.The truth is that you can spend many minutes absolutely absorbed enjoying the beauty of the shapes and colors, and appreciating the incredible dimensions.

And this feeling is greater because the Grand Canyon of the Colorado you are approaching by a great plain, totally flat, that does not warn you of the height at which you really are, and that only breaks abruptly when accessing the edge of the precipice.

South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Actually came up from the South Rim (South Rim) , which is the most common route for tourists, this plateau has an altitude of 2,100 meters ,In summer you will notice this altitude thanks to the pleasant temperature enjoyed in the viewpoints, which is around 20-25 degrees Celsius.And you will thank her even more when you find out that the ambient temperature at the level of the river, kilometer and a half below, usually reaches 45 degrees, typical of the desert area through which the Grand Canyon extends.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The altitude is higher in the North edge (North Rim), reaching almost 2,500 meters , which makes this area of the Grand Canyon in winter seasons long pass covered by snow and closed the access road. In any case, it is from the southern edge (South Rim) where the best views are enjoyed, facilitated by the proximity of the river to this edge.

West Rim of the Grand Canyon

Another area that you can visit from the Grand Canyon is known as West Rim .The advantage is that it is the closest area from Las Vegas , so it is usually used for excursions by plane or minibus , and the disadvantage is that it does not offer landscapes as spectacular as those found in the South Rim.

How to Go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

To go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas you have several options that go from the rental car trip , the day trip by plane and helicopter , or the minibus excursion that you can also do in one day. Here you have all the information about all the options to go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon .Of course, if from here you also want to reach the North Rim , called North Rim , you would have to go around the Grand Canyon, which would mean traveling 345 kilometers and a five and a half hour trip !!!

What to See and Do in the Grand Canyon of Colorado?

The visit of the Grand Canyon of Colorado through the most popular area of ​​the South Rim is going to be a tour in your car or on a free shuttle bus through the different viewpoints of this great landscape wonder.From each of the viewpoints you will have different perspectives, which I advance that reach their greatest splendor during the sunset , which is going to offer you majestic scenes.

Desert View Viewpoint in Grand Canyon

On the journey east through the viewpoints of the South Rim , it is worth reaching the beginning of the canyon , where you will find the Desert View viewpoint and the Watch Tower of the Anasazi Indians.At that point that is 42 kilometers from the Visitor Center , it is from where you will see the beginning of the formation of the Grand Canyon .Very close to the east entrance of the national park, the building of this viewpoint is an emulation of a Watch Tower of the Anasazi Indians .This tower was actually built in 1933 to facilitate views of both the Grand Canyon, and the desert area that is lost to the east (hence the viewpoint of the viewpoint as Desert View ).Inside the tower you will find a large souvenir shop , an option that you also have in the aforementioned Visitor Center of the main entrance of the park in the south.

Grand Canyon Helicopter

If you have one or two more days on your trip, you can do other various activities , which you can start from the Visitor Center .In this regard, one of the most popular excursions in the Grand Canyon is the possibility of flying over it in a helicopter .If you want to hire a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon , the advice is to do it well in advance of the date of your trip, more if you are going to go in high tourist season.If you decide at the last minute, as soon as you arrive at the South Rim , at the airport that is located before crossing the entrance of the national park, you must make an early reservation for the morning of the next day.

IMAX Grand Canyon

During your visit to the national park, in the South Visitor Center you can see an excellent IMAX documentary by National Geographic , with a duration of about 35 minutes.The schedules of the IMAX of the Grand Canyon are, from March to October, from 8.30 to 20.30, and from November to April, from 9.30 to 18.30.The prices of the IMAX tickets (2019) are, for adults, $ 13.59; children from 6 to 10 years old, $ 10.33; and seniors, 12.50 euros.Children under 6 have free tickets , and if you buy the ticket online , you will have a 20 percent discount.

Grand Canyon Trekking

There are established routes of different lengths, the most popular being the so-called South Kaibab and Bright Angel . Of course, if you want to go down to the bottom of the canyon and reach the Colorado River, keep in mind that you will not have time to go down and up on the same day.

Rafting on the Colorado River

Another of the alternatives you have during your visit is rafting along the Colorado River , either in calm water areas or also in whitewater areas.The excursions begin from localities that are in the vicinity of the canyon.

Mule excursion to go down to the Colorado River

One of the most curious activities is the possibility of going down to the Colorado River riding a mule . It is a highly demanded excursion that must be booked several months in advance.

Skywalk South of the Grand Canyon

Already outside the limits of the national park, you also have the option to make other excursions to other places near the Grand Canyon .A different excursion is to go to the Skywalk , a tourist attraction that has been mounted in a canyon south of the Grand Canyon National Park , where you can walk on a glass platform that protrudes from the cliff. Of course, not everyone who visits considers it really worth this excursion.

Havasu Falls Waterfalls

To the south of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, outside the national park , you can take an excursion to Havasu Falls, an area where several waterfalls are concentrated within the territory of the Havasupai Indians.

Finally, and prior to your visit, it may be useful to download the pdf with the Official Spanish Guide of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado , which includes a map of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon that will allow you to get an idea of ​​what you’re leaving to find.