Louisiana Wildflower Guide

By: Charles M. Allen, Kenneth A. Wilson, Harry H. Winters

An excellent guide to the wildflowers of Louisiana from Dr. Charles M. Allen who knows the Louisiana flora like few others. Well written with excellent information and illustrated with beautiful color photographs by Kenneth E. Wilson. This is a must have for anyone who appreciates the beautiful wildflowers that grace Louisiana and neighboring areas. Makes an excellent resource or field guide for professionals or beginners.

Copyright Year: 2010

ISBN-10: 0971862524

# of Pages, including Index: 246

Book Edition: First

States likely useful as a guidebook in: LA, TX, MS, AL, AR

In: Glossy Paperback

Subjects covered: Nature, Botany, Wildflowers of Louisiana, Wildflowers of the Southcentral US

Published by: Allen’s Native Ventures, LLC

The Louisiana Wildflower Guide is organized by monocots and dicots then alphabetically by family and genera. This puts similar flowers together to help make identification quick and easy for the expert or the beginning plant enthusiast.

Quick reference color charts and aquatic plant charts at the beginning of the monocot and dicot sections are designed to make it easy to speedily identify unknown wildflowers within the sections.

The plant species descriptions give you insight into where these plants are likely to be found by parish as well as the best recognizing features for similar species.

The amazing, detailed, full color photographs that fill the pages of the Louisiana Wildflower Guide were produced by renowned photographer Kenneth E. Wilson.